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Check out quick comparison of various Rental plans offered by us with the Rental period and key financial advantages.

Rental Process

Find out more about the process of Rental plans offered by us and how it could actually increase your bottom line.

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Test Equipment Rental Plans

Rental Benefits

Check out the various benefits offered by the several rental plans and programs offered by Supreme & Rental Solutions based on your actual requirement, budget, industry and application so that you can maximize your business bottom line and enhance your productivity.

Rental Process

Rental Process of Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions is simple and straight forward. Check out our rental process which will take you through the various rental plans, benefits including the individual benefits of every plan.

Comparison: Rental Plan Benefits

We bring you a range of Rental plans on test & measurement equipments including short-term, long-term, month to month Rentals, test equipment lease, rent-to-own option, operating leases, project hire & finance leases.

About Us

Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions, part of Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions is based in Melbourne, Australia. Besides, offering sales, lease, hire of new, used and refurbished test equipments we also bring a gamut of rental solutions on test & measurement instruments.

Global Brands

Check out the list of all the global brands and suppliers that we are associated with including Flexi, Flir Systems, Hioki, Elspec Technologies, Algodue, Iskra, Megger, Metrel, Pelican Products, etc. whose products are offered with various rental plans to our customers in this section.

Rental Products

Check out the rental products we offer on test & measurement equipments according to your application, requirement, budget and term of rentals. These rental test equipments are offered at various rental plans and you can check them all and their benefits at various sections of our website.

Quick Comparison of Rental Plans

Rental Plan Rental Period* Key Financial Advantage
Short-Term Rental 1 day - 6 months Avoids costs of ownership
Long-Term Rental 6 months & above No capital expenditure needed
Month to Month Rental As required Month-to-month payment
Lease option As required Fixed Rate & Term
Rent-to-Own 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months About 75% discount of the actual market value
Operating Leases 12 - 36 months 100% financing
Project Hire As required Saves up-front investment costs

*Subject to Change as per customer requirements